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Joint Task Scheme funding
Joint Federal Government/Federal State Scheme for the Improvement of Regional Economic Structure

Expanding companies, creating jobs, ... growth requires investment. Joint Task Scheme funding support entrepreneurs.

Who is being funded?

  • Companies within the industrial economy

What is being financed?

  • Eligible investments in tangible assets in connection with the creation/safeguarding of permanent jobs for a maximum project duration of 42 months.
  • Alternatively, under certain conditions, wage costs for newly created permanent jobs for a period of two years (in the range of gross wage costs of at least EUR 36,000 to a maximum of EUR 80,000 per permanent job per year plus employer's share to statutory social security contributions).

Your conditions

Higher subsidy rates for the area of de minimis and small grants until December 2021

As a consequence of the Corona crisis, the upper limits for support for companies have been increased. 
Important: The regulations apply exclusively to the area of de-minimis and small grants and are limited until the end of the year.

  • Increase in subsidy rates by up to 20 %  - regardless of project type and company size 
    • small companies: max. 50 % instead of 30 %  
    • medium-sized companies: max. 40 % instead of 20 %
    • large companies: max. 30 % instead of 10 %
  • Funding can be used within the framework of 
    • the De-miminis with up to 200,000 euros 
    • the small grants with up to 1.8 million euros
  • Expansion investments can also be subsidized for large companies

Funding amount:

  • for permanent establishments of small enterprises: 30 %
  • for permanent establishments of medium-sized enterprises: 20 %
  • for other permanent establishments: 10 %
  • of the eligible investment volume.

The subsidy rate for a funding correlated with material costs is reduced by 2.5 % for companies with more than ten employees if no structural effect is fulfilled.

What you should consider

  • The funding is provided within the framework of the subsidy value limit for Saxony-Anhalt. Other subsidies for the project (e.g. use of public loans, shares or guarantees) are taken into account
  • The project may only be started after the application has been received by the Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt.